Monday, April 25, 2011

New York Times / Parents as (poor) Facebook Friends

Very quick drawing for the New York Times, about a woman whose absent father friends her many years later on facebook along with other anecdotes about parents who fair poorly as facebook friends with their children.

Time Out New York / Specialty Dry Cleaners

Small project for Time Out New York about different specialty dry cleaners throughout New York City

exercise figures

fun little set of exercise figures for metro newspaper

San Diego Museum Month

Cover illustration for San Diego Union Tribune! It was for museum month in February --- so many amazing museums in San Diego, researching images for this project made me want to visit so badly.

Chicago Magazine / Head Lice!

Drawing for Chicago Magazine about how to deal with increasingly insidious HEADLICE!!! (apparently they are becoming increasingly resistant to over-the-counter medications; as an alternative you can visit a special salon that picks them out of your - or your child's - scalp one by one. EEK!)