Thursday, May 27, 2010

israel sketchbook

a few sketchbook pages from a recent trip to israel. some heavy stuff, trip to the holocaust museum, and notes from a lecture about the insanely complicated and depressing issue of israel, its neighbors, and the wall around the west bank. and some kaballah nonsense as well, for good measure. hoping to do more with this at some point...

vampire darcy's desire

a woman next to me on the subway was reading about vampire darcy. definitely a piece of literature i'll be adding to my own collection.

governors island

a map of governor's island in time out new york kids. I think its out in print now, though I didn't see it up on the website -- the illustration goes across two pages, and there is text over the water highlighting key places to visit. would love to make it out there sometime.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


an illustration for a small article on title nine.
I love how the drawing came out... but the photo I used as a reference is beyond awesome!