Thursday, October 1, 2009

old sketchbook page

found this one getting ready for recent interviews - it's so strange, I love it - what on earth is a long distance fake boyfriend, who isn't even really a boy? I was just writing down snippets of a conversation, and really wish I could remember what on earth it was about.

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Andrea Powell said...

Yes!! It feels soooo good to have the website done finally. :)

I know where the long-distance fake boyfriend is from!! Did you take Narrative, Sequence, and Seriality with me? I can't remember the name of the professor, which is embarrassing, but she was the visiting professor just here for a year, from NY, who did all those drawings of tongue machines based on traditional Victorian botanical drawings.

And she was telling us about how in college, she made up a long-distance fake boyfriend who would send her fantastic packages and would write her long love letters and send her chocolates and flowers, to make herself feel special. Or to make everyone jealous. Or to feel less lonely. Something like that. It was hilarious.